Kill A Watt™ Graphic Timer
Estimated Product Savings Per Year Lifetime
Dollars Saved $84.96 $1,274.40
Kilowatt Hours Saved 720 10,800
Gallons of Water Saved 0 0
Trees Planted 0 6

Kill A Watt™ Graphic Timer

Control your valuable electronics and find out what they are actually costing you with the Kill A Watt Graphic Timer. This advanced timer turns your household appliances on and off as it simultaneously monitors electricity consumption. Features up to 96 programmable on/off event settings per day, 7 different daily combinations, plus a random on/off setting to present the appearance of an occupied home when you're away, making it one of the most versatile timers available. The integrated surge protector protects sensitive electronics from voltage fluctuations while the backlit LCD display will show the time. Measurements and programming are stored in memory and retained during power outages. A backup battery (3 AAA batteries – not included) allow programming even when the unit is not plugged in. With just the press of a button, you can view the kilowatt hour (kWh) electricity consumption of the connected device by day, week, month or year, as well as the voltage, amperage and power factor.


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A savings estimate is not available for this product. While this product may help you save money and natural resources, determining the savings estimate is difficult due to the nature of the product. Several reasons include:

  • This product works in conjunction with other products to reduce and save.
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  • This product is used to monitor your energy and/or natural resource consumption.
  • The individual usage of this product varies greatly.
  • This product does not reduce energy and/or natural resource consumption.