7 Outlet Advanced Power Strip
Estimated Product Savings Per Year Lifetime
Dollars Saved $6.89 $68.91
Kilowatt Hours Saved 58 584
Gallons of Water Saved 0 0
Trees Planted 0 0

7 Outlet Advanced Power Strip

Did you know that your plugged-in devices are always using energy, even when powered off? Eliminate that excess usage and trim your utility bill with this Energy-Saving Advanced Power Strip. It works by intelligently cutting off power to connected devices when they’re not in use, eliminating phantom and standby power losses without ever unplugging the equipment.

Here’s how it works. Load-sensing technology detects the current being drawn through the Master Outlet, which is plugged into a primary device like your TV or computer. Then, peripheral devices like game consoles, DVD players or monitors are plugged into the Switched Outlets, which only become energized when a high current is detected in the Master Outlet, indicating the TV or computer is powered on. Always-On Outlets provide power at all times, so they can be used for devices that need power constantly, like modems and cable boxes. Stop paying for energy you’re not using and start living more efficiently without making a lifestyle change – let the Energy-Saving Advanced Power Strip do all the work for you!


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A savings estimate is not available for this product. While this product may help you save money and natural resources, determining the savings estimate is difficult due to the nature of the product. Several reasons include:

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